Deworming with Herbs


I have always wondered that intestinal parasites supposedly will kill a dog or a cat if left untreated. If you look at the perfect balance of nature, it seems unusual that a parasite would kill its host or that the host has absolutely no benefit from the parasite, as would be the norm in nature.

It is possible to deworm a dog with natural ingredients such as herbs. There are many different ways to do this. I have described here the method used by Juliette de Bairacli Levy, as it is very effective and harmless for the dog. You can make the necessary herbal pills yourself.

Important: since a severe parasite attack can damage  the animal’s health, it is advisable to have a fecal examination for parasites done after a herbal cleansing to ensure that the parasites are eliminated.


Herbal pills

Mix a teaspoon of wormwood, sage, thyme and mint together with a little Slippery Elm tree bark flour or plain flour and honey and roll this mixture  into small balls. In cases of tapeworm , a mixture of Rue, Wormwood and Cayenne has been proven effective.
For a 30 Kg dog, you will need about 5-6 hazelnut-sized balls per dose. It is best to plan a deworming just before the full moon, as parasites multiply following the lunar cycle. They are most active at this time and emerge from the intestinal mucosa that usually offers them some protection.. I don’t know if this is scientifically proven with the lunar cycle but it can’t hurt to follow this schedule.
For “Day 1” I recommend fasting, but for a strong parasitic infestation it is better to fast the dog for 2 days. Fasting means absolutely NO FOOD! Plenty of water should be offered during a fast.


Deworming/intestinal cleansing for dogs

Day 1 (-2): fast, in the evening give 1-2 tablespoons (14-28 ml) castor oil – plenty of water, if necessary with honey or lemon.
Day 2: Morning: give herbal pills, half an hour later same quantity (day 1) of castor oil. A few hours later: light, semi-liquid meal. It is best to use a porridge of Slippery Elm tree bark flour with some honey and cottage cheese or yogurt (for the taste). The Slippery Elm becomes like gel when you mix it with water. This gel soothes the gastrointestinal tract and additionally helps remove  parasites and their eggs.
Day 3: Morning: pills (Half the amount) and half an hour later, a light, liquid meal (see porridge, day 2), and in the evening a light meal, e.g. vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese.
Day 4: Morning: herbs (half amount) two light meals. In the morning porridge as with Day 2; in the evening a small meat meal can be fed with finely cut greens and garlic
Day 5:  As Day 4 – increase meat quantity.
Day 6: Normal feeding without hard-to-digest ingredients such as bone.


Deworming puppies with coconut oil in 4.-6. week of life

Puppies are usually chemically dewormed much too young. No animal should be dewormed before it begins eating solid foods. Deworming with a chemical agent destroys the intestinal flora of puppies and interferes with the development of oral tolerance. It also stresses the liver and kidneys of the young animals. Kein Welpe sollte entwurmt werden, bevor er beginnt feste Nahrung zu sich zu nehmen. If you need to deworm young puppies, you can treat an infestation of roundworms easily with coconut oil.
For each puppy, give 1 ml of coconut oil/kg body weight per day for 3 days.
In older puppies that already eat solid foods, you can also add coconut flakes to their food: 1 tsp/5 kg body weight per day for 3-7 days.


Deworming with Propolis

Propolis makes the intestines worm-repellent and kills Protozoa (single celled organisms) according to studies.
Tip: Add 1 ml of Propolis tincture per 100 ml of water in a dark container and store in the refrigerator. Of this mixture give 2 tsp/10 kg body weight per day  for 6 days.
Suitable for adult dogs as well as puppies over 6 weeks.


Treating a tapeworm infestation with pumpkin seeds.

You will need organic pumpkin seeds. Always grind the pumpkin seeds fresh, they contain valuable fatty acids that will oxidate if you pre-grind more than a day or two’s supply. For this purpose, a small electric coffee grinder is particularly suitable.
Of the ground pumpkin seeds give 1 tbsp per 10 kg body weight in food 2-3 times a day for about 5-7 days.
You can see that it works in the following photo – after only 2 doses of ground pumpkin seeds the entire tapeworm came out with the feces:



The following foods are anti-parasitic: pumpkin seeds, parsley, water cress, cranberries, coconut meat and oil, grated carrots, garlic, enzymes (papaya seeds, pineapple), Reishi mushrooms, thyme (caution with cats!) as well as any foods with a high beta-carotin content. You can add some of these ingredients to the pet’s food 3-4 times a week to help prevent a parasite infection.
It should also be remembered that a raw, natural diet helps keep the intestine clean, the microbiome healthy and thus prevents parasite infestation.